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ciao cara sarebbe bello parlare assieme e anche fare nudismo assieme siamo un pò lontani però
42d ago


Is that Sandy Hook beach that you go to?
106d ago


I love going to the 1 nude beach we have in NJ lots of fun
107d ago


It was so nice to spent so many naked days. And with friends, even better.  
143d ago
Sounds like a beautiful vacation 
148d ago


Been awhile since I was on last. We were gone on holidays. We spent 4 days playing on the Washington and Oregon coasts. Had a great time, wonderful weather. Then we were off to a nude resort in Oregon for 5 days. There was a mini meet up from another nude chat room there. There were people from Tucson, AR, Medford, Ore, one lady resident of the club, and us from northern BC. All had a super time. A few laughs, a few giggles, and wonderful people. Then we were off to E. Washington and spent the wk end wit
151d ago


During my early teen years I discovered I liked to me naked and started sleeping nude on occasion, but had my shorts ready just in case, but never actually needed them by then.  Whenever I was home alone I would get naked and when I knew no one would be home for awhile I would sunbathe nude for a little bit.   My daring experience was going downstairs to get a drink of water while the rest of the house slept.  I must have done this dozens of times, but was never discovered.   
166d ago


I think there are lots of people here, but "summer" is the slow season in the northern hemisphere.   Also, with the "new" site, everyone needs to get  their feet a little wet.  It will take a little time to reach the critical mass required to fuel higher activity.  New people need to post.  No need to be shy here.  We have nothing to hide under.  
168d ago
Hi Rusty, Yes it is kind of quiet at the moment. I was thinking that maybe the new members were locked out from posting, as I was in the first week or so. I still struggle to find things on the site, but this is probably me needing more practice, which will come in time. Good to hear from you.
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It's nice to hear from some one. Was beginning to feel like I was only one here.
172d ago