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  Hi am new on here, anybody in the house  Hi there. I am! Welcome to Skinbook Buddy! ^_^ 
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Thank you
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Good work
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Hi am new on here, anybody in the house
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It's legal to be naked in most places in UK, for the purposes of normal activities like gardening, walking/hiking, swimming, sunbathing etc. The proviso is there must be no intention to alarm or distress others and normally for the above activities, no action should be taken. BN has done a good job in negotiating the authorities. Further info at and 
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We upgraded the site and now you can acces all the photos, and recover the  password. 
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I want to live in Germany :)
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British Naturism have introduced a number of online events since CV-19 and INF members are invited too.  "It is a time
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Awwww. Well not for long though. I will be your friend. :) You can always message me. ^_^ And be a Loner no more Lol. 
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