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Did i accidentally offend the owner of a resort?

I ask this because I noticed that while I was there the owner would just be topless while I was completely nude. I spent my time trying as hard as I could to get a good tan without a sunburn. I also went swimming and walked around the place. It was a small resort and it was just the two of us there so I hope I didn't appear as weird since I was there by myself. She Is a lot older than me but didn't look it at all. On the other hand, I am in my twenties and am in good shape, but I am uncircumcised and am single. I acted professional and polite the whole time there. If it matters, I will add in the detail that she was pretty, but I would always be professional and look her in the eye during conversation and not stare. I just hope that her being just topless wasn't a sign that she was creeped out by me being there, since nudist offend don't cover anything up. When i left for the day she said comeback soon, but that could be just the standard protocol. So did I accidentally offend the owner? I would like to vacation there again so I have to know.

She didn't probably care at all about you!

Ok that's good

It is highly probable, as the owner you're referring to is female. That she had her monthly (was menstruating). During that time, many women only go topless.

However, a Swiss nudist friend of mine, who has travelled widely around the world and throughout Europe and attended many resorts. Mentioned that many European women still walk around naked with the string hanging down.
Now I only mentioned this so anyone visiting a resort in a country in Europe, are aware they may encounter this and it's normal in their culture.
I did NOT wish to offend (or gross out) anyone.

Downunder in both Australia & New Zealand, women go topless. Most women will remain completely textile from the waist down and a very few will walk around in their underpants (knickers).
Personally, I wear a sarong.