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Discrimination against single men?

"I find it hard to believe in this day and age that some public and semi-public naturism settings (i.e. beaches) — both clothing optional and nudism areas — and organizations are barring single men from attending." 

Jillian Page

I as a married man whose family is not into this lifestyle finds it sad as I am automatically excluded from any of these activities. And here in South Africa the nudist lifestyle is not openly accepted at all. Unfortunately most of the folks in my neck of the woods shun such activity. I also found that the nudist community here to be very closed and suspicious of anybody new! Maybe things will still change in the far future...

That's my 2 cents worth. Have a lovely day today.

One of the resorts I visit requires you to call ahead of time and pay the full price if you are a single male. The other place I visit is located in someone's back yard and allows singles. One time I was at a nude resort in the indoor section reapplying sunscreen and woman walks in sees that I am there and instantly walks out. People will also not talk to you. You will get weird looks. Another time at a different resort, the owner would only just be topless around me even though I was completely nude. People will judge you by how you are born and how you look on the outside. Being born a male will mean that people will always be suspicious of you and assume the worst.

Actually stating it's only single men is discrimination too!
I was a single female for over 5 years and also was shunned. Mainly by the other women, paranoid I'd hit on their men <rolls eyes>.
Like you guys, I was only trying to "join in" and feel apart of the conversation. I kept getting closed off.

Thankfully and because of this, I now know what places will allow singles. I mentioned to many resort owners, that if they never allow single men in, then I'll never meet anyone to share my lifestyle with. I'm hoping they thought about that fact.

I never shun singles (male or female) when I meet them in person, but in saying that... after half an hour of chatting to just me and I intro them to a few people and they follow me around like a lost puppy,,, I spit the dumby!! I then literally have to tell them to go socialise with others and be friendly, so you're accepted. Sooooo strange having to tell an adult to do this and I know most of you would be shaking your heads wishing someone like me, would give someone like you a break.
All I can say is keep trying and wish you the best of luck.

BTW... beaches are public places and couples can't stop singles from attending the beach.
If a group of people are holding an event at the beach, put your towel over one shoulder and walk up to a group who are talking and introduce yourself. Ask what's happening (what they're doing at the beach that day).... join in the conversation they're already having..... start a conversation about a recent article you've read in your local nudist magazine.
If you're a single, use MORE manners than you normally would. "Excuse me, I don't mean to intrude. My name is .... and I'm interested in becoming a social nudist". By telling them you want to be social, they know what YOU WANT. Fingers crossed they talk to you.
This idea has worked for a few newbies in the past.

You will find at most beaches, clubs and resorts, that the regulars generally stick together. Don't let that deter you.
If I had let it deter me, I wouldn't have a huge group of nudist friends and be able to go to most places around Australia and know at least 2-3 people. Who in turn introduce me to more people etc. etc.

I realise that every country is different, but nudist really are the friendliest people :D
(please note, I'm referring to social nudists. Those you meet in person).

Emz_naturally made a good point about how single women can also be discrimated against. It can be challenging to socialize with a group when everyone is a couple and everyone knows each other. I find that true naturalist resorts will not discrimate against singles. The places that do discrimate are often swinger resorts. I recently went to a nude resort and we all got to play pool volleyball. Everyone was cool with me. No one treated me weird or anything. I was the only male on my side of the pool's volleyball team. I even showered off next to two of the women there. I got a sunburn on my back but other than that it was fun. Naturalist resorts are not a sexual environment. It is like being at any other pool, expect no annoying uncomfortable swim suit.

It's a sad fact of life that if you're a single naturist ( of either gender ) then you're going to be viewed as some kind of threat - to who or what, I've no idea - but a threat nevertheless. It's bad enough being judged by those who don't 'get' naturism but to be judged by our own kind I find particularly galling. Are clubs, etc  saying that you have to be in a relationship to be a naturist?

(Moan over - for now.)

At our last monthly beach day, we had 2 new couples and a single male join us. The single guy was great, had just came over to a group of us that were chatting, introduced himself and simply joined in the conversation. As we started branching into other groups of swimmers, people fishing & still chatting... I commended him on the way he intro'd himself and join in the conversation. Really wish more single guys (especially at the beaches) would do the same and are not just to talk to me or just one of the other females, as this gives me the impression he's only interested in me (or them) and not socialising with everyone.

So any singles out there, hope you heed what I said above. Instead try talking to everyone. After going to beach/resort/club a couple of times, then try talking to females that know you, they'll be more receptive to a one-on-one chat...just a suggestion!

Samsted - the argument I've heard most from resort owners, is that when there are too many single men, it makes the women uncomfortable. That's according mainly to the women's partners, not all the women themselves. Majority of women I've spoken to at resorts don't have problems with single men, unless they (single men) try to monopolise their time. Which in turn makes it difficult for the women to socialise with others.
I would agree for the most part with these women, however I'm not backward in saying "excuse me, I'm going to go and chat with ......" or introduce them to others, so I can leave the conversation if I desire to.

It can be scary at times though. In 2013 when I was at a public beach carnival at Alexandria Bay, Noosa... a single man came up and intro'd himself to me, when I left the carnival festivities and went back to belongs for a drink, alone. He kept side stepping to block my path back & asking me personal questions (not sexual though), which I refrained from answering (where do you live, how old are you etc.). Luckily a friend saw me & he came over. The man said goodbye, but didn't go far away & kept following me around for the rest of the day. I had mentioned him to a couple of friends, who kept an eye on us both.
At days end, I didn't want to walk back through the National Park alone to my car, as I was still being followed. I went with my friends in the opposite direction to their car & they drove me to my car.
In the past couple of years, that National Park has warning signs about walking alone, as there's been several sexual indecencies :'(
So due to incidents like this that can attribute towards singles being unwelcome.

I NEVER go to the beach alone anymore anywhere. I will go to clubs, resorts alone (my partner sometimes has to work), even if I don't know anyone and regardless of whether or not there are single men... I always feel safe :D
I feel safer naked a nudist resort, than I do textile at a caravan park (RV/trailer park).

Some of you may not believe me, but that's up to you.
I lived as a semi-permanent resident at a nudist retreat (small resort) called Goody's Retreat (which changed owners a year ago) for 5 years, as a single female. Hence why I have so many photos at Goody's Retreat (& heaps more that I'm not going to flood the site with). I was behind the camera more than in front of it, when we had themed parties etc. I played hostess for a whole 3 weeks once & also on weekends on several occasions, while the owners (hosts) went on holidays themselves. Singles were permitted for overnight visits only, for first time visitors without a referral from a resort. The theory being, this reduced potential voyeurs.As those that were truly interested, would be willing to comply for at least 1 overnight visit. They'd then be known and welcomed back for future day visits. We never ever had any problems. I've meet literally thousands of nudies, who shared their adventures, personal nude experiences and other stories. It was such a rewarding period in my life, one that I cherish. And that's where I meet my partner too :D

For balanced numbers of males and females there is no need for discrimination,The problem can be solved with a simple queue,If there is too much man,then men will wait until there are enough females,the same goes for females.