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First Experience Skinny Dipping

The first time I went skinny dipping I was 32 years old. I had been going to a swimming hole that everyone in the town went swimming in during the summer. I would go and wear a thong because there were always others swimming there. I went to the swimming hole once in the early evening and there was no one around. Of course I st Ill kept on my thong but, after about 30 minutes of swimming and no one else showing up, I decided to go skinny dipping. I took off my thong, put it in my truck with my other clothes and jumped back in. After about 20 minutes of being alone I hear talking. Nervous about not having anything on I sunk down into the water with just my head out and waited. The talking got louder and within minutes two young women came around the edge of the trees. I felt devastated that here were these two young girls showing up to swim and im in the water naked. So i yelled out to them and let them know I was naked. They said that was fine and they would join me. Turns out, they were also there to go skinny dipping. They were in their early twenties, I was in my early thirties and we became friends that day and went skinny dipping together often.