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Hi everyone! 

How are you today, my friends? 

When I'm online, I don't see anyone online. I miss you so much, my friends frown

Hi, same here. But today the site has opened up for me a little. Posting to a forum was denied, but now I can smile.  May need to strike up a few more friendships for the site to open up properly.

Hi everyone,

I just thought it would be worthwhile to send a general greeting, to try to encourage a bit more interaction on the site. In the last month or so, there have been 20-30 new members which may not seem a lot but is quite good considering the still fairly low total membership. It is also good that the membership is a wide age range, unlike some others that are dominated by old folks (like me) :).

So, why not post a pic and a few words about some of the nudist friendly places you have been or about some activity (play nicely :)  ) and hopefully with a bit of interaction, people will join in and visit regularly, and be interested in making more use of the site.

Welcome to all and happy posting.

It's nice to hear from some one. Was beginning to feel like I was only one here.

Hi Rusty,

Yes it is kind of quiet at the moment. I was thinking that maybe the new members were locked out from posting, as I was in the first week or so. I still struggle to find things on the site, but this is probably me needing more practice, which will come in time.

Good to hear from you.

I think there are lots of people here, but "summer" is the slow season in the northern hemisphere.   Also, with the "new" site, everyone needs to get  their feet a little wet.  It will take a little time to reach the critical mass required to fuel higher activity.  New people need to post.  No need to be shy here.  We have nothing to hide under.


ciao cara sarebbe bello parlare assieme e anche fare nudismo assieme siamo un pò lontani però