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Nudist friend

This website is so quiet, anybody know how I can meet other nudist friends? 

That is a really good question. Once you find the answer let everyone know. I personally find that you have to go to different resorts near by. Visit often and partake in any group game or activity going on. Once you feel comfortable there it will become easier to meet people. The first time I went to a near by resort I didn't talk to anyone. It was my first naturalist experience so I didn't feel 100% comfortable. The second time there I talked to two people by the pool. I recently went back for the third time and played pool volleyball and got to talked with a fair amount of people. 

Oh.ok.I live in Hawaii, there is a nudist club but it is far away and its somebody else they discrimate against single men 

Which club was that in Hawaii? We really enjoyed Hangin' Loose near Hilo.

Oh that place is on the big island. I live on oahu but this place is called oahu sun club at it is somebody home they wont give u the address till u pay and now I can't find their website anymore

Hi friendsforlife.

If the club wants your money rather than you  then I'd go somewhere else if I were you. There's plenty of places to go that don't want to rob you blind.  Good luck in your search.

Hi there samsted! That was the only regular nudist club but they do dress up in lingerie as a form of entrainment but still not sexual. There is another nudist club but it is for gay men like me but all they do is group sex. This maybe off topic but I wish Hawaii was nude friendly so I can hike nude when it is hot or go on a private beach but I don`t because cops always patrol but maybe I can run when I see a cop because nobody wants to tackle a nude man besides if they do tackle me I might like my men in uniform xD 

It sounds an absolute nightmare if all you want to do is get naked. Hope that you find somewhere that suits.

Hi there Sam! Yes it is absolutely a nightmare! I live in a walk up apartment and my neighbors are always walking by my window so I have to keep it close and it gets hot. We rent because it is to expensive to buy. I would move to another state but Hawaii is my home, my dad still has 1 year left till he can retire with benefits, my landlord is a racist Asian she gave a house that is private with a pool for free to live in for tax reasons to my Asian neighbor who hates my lifestyle of homosexuality, and besides my boyfriend lives here in Hawaii. I would get a boat so I can sunbath nude and swim in the open water but even cops patrol out there in the open water and I can`t afford it anyway I only make $490.00 a month from social security disability so I live with my parents. Wish I won the lottery.