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Sleeping naked

     I did not grow up in a nudist home. Never saw a naked body as a kid at home. At the age of 9, I caught mom breast feeding my newly born brother. She kinda freaked, so I knew it was a topic to leave alone. I always slept in PJ's until I was about 8. Usually by morning, they were always twisted around me and I didn't like that feeling. Many times, I woke to find them on the floor, having taken them off during the night. It was just a natural step for me to just stop wearing them. I started being naked at home whenever I was on my own. I hated hiding to be naked. It wasn't until years later mom said she knew I was sleeping nude, as there were no PJ's in the wash. lol

    About the same time, a school bud and I started having sleep overs, like kids do. I had been leaving my underwear on to sleep there. One bedtime, I got brave and slipped them off once in bed once the lights were off. As luck would have it, it was a night Wayne wanted to wrestle. When he turned the light on and had pulled the covers off of me, of course he saw I was naked. We sat and talked about it, Turned out that he also like sleeping naked. In fact, he explained that his family didn't wear any clothes at home except when company was over. He said they were nudists. In the morning, we went to talk to his mom explaining I also liked being naked. From them on, it was nice to visit their home as I could join them and strip off as soon as I got there.

Wow, how awesome to grow up with a mate cool

I totally get the "twisted PJ's", I did the same thing. Felt like they were strangling me. Although I was 13, when I stripped them off and shared my bedroom with 2 younger non-nudist sisters.

I actually thought all nudists slept naked, until I went to a friends van one night at a venue to confirm plans for the next day and the lady answered the door in her PJ's... I was like "WTF!?!" My brain just could not compute that one!
Have since meet other female 'nudists' who are naked by day, but still sleep in PJ's <shakes head in bewilderment>

Thank you Emz for reading part of my story, and leaving a comment. It was because you asked for others to share their experience that I posted.

Every time I tried and slept naked, either got a cold or sweated abnormally. frown.

Hello everyone!

I will share about my first time when sleeping naked. I stayed home alone on that day. My parents went out to participate a party. I want to be naked at the time. I locked the door, walked around my bedroom and lay down the floor. Then, I blindfolded my eyes by a black towel, and go to bed. I didn't cover with blanket at this time. My parents come back home at 11:30pm, and they found me. I heard my mother's voice outside my bedroom. I really worried about my parents. I closed my eyes, answer them and prayed for my luckiness. Fortunately, they come their bedroom instead of coming my bedroom. If they had come in my bedroom, they would have seen my naked body. I really exulted, and I had a wonderful sleep. Oh my God! 

I want to be naked everyday, everywhere, because I really feel free and comfortable.

Thank you for sharing your 1st experience. I hope you have had many more since then.

Good morning people. SO.. I love to sleep naked in summer or winter.. at my home or in the hotel. I sleep naked everytime I can. I think it's fantastic.wink

If I wanted to sleep with anything on then I'd just get into bed with my regular threads on surely? As for taking my clothes off and then putting another set on, WTF? Besides a swimsuit, PJs have got to be possibly the most pointless item of clothing going (in my humble opinion)

I have slept in the nude forever; more freedom of movement gives me a better more natural sleep. But clothes in general make little sense to me so what do I know. Be Nude !

When I grew up my parents always slept naked. As a little child it was normal for me to run naked in the garden since books about kids taught my parents that children were potty trained faster if they were nude instead of wearing diapers :P

As a child I'd always used to sleep wearing underpants and then as a young grown up, I started to sleep naked. Now I'm nude as long as I'm at home with no visitors, even during day time.

My boyfriend don't mind me walking around naked but he don't really feel like joining.

I told a few of my friends that I'm a naturist, but I don't know others that are.