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What was your first nudist experience?

It's great reading about people's first nudist experiences. Everyone's story is unique, even if some stories sound the same/similair, there's usually a slight variation.
Please share your story cool

Unfortunately, I was too young to remember my first time. My mother told me, she had trouble keeping clothes on me. She ended up allowing me to be naked at home, unless we were expecting visitors. Once I started school, I was shy around non-immediate family. That changed when I was 19, when a group of friends started skinny dipping.
(note: I come from a non-nudist family... they all know I'm a nudie)

My first experience being nude around others (other than the school locker room), was at a pond in Germany. I was nicely told that "it wasn't one of those kind of places".  Many years later after returning from Afghanistan, I took a vacation to West Palm, Florida.  On my last day, since I was that close, I checked out Haulover.  I sat in a chair since I didn't have a towel big enough to lay on. I loved the sun beating down on me, all of me.  I loved just walking around and swimming. For the most part I kept to myself. Nobody came up to me to welcome me. I was fine with that. I'm sure it was obvious that it was my first time. Like the many that Haulover Beach has welcomed new to the lifestyle, I became a new lover of the social clothes-free experience. I have since been to clubs in Missouri, Arizona, and Oklahoma.

Late sixties, long and lonely beach north of Casalborsetti (Ravenna), far from eyes of others bathers. Summer holyday. We were a group of teenagers,  most from northern or central Europe.  We went there walking all days enjoying the lovely pinewood and dunes. One day a Dutch girl suggested we could strip off, removed her bikini and walked into the sea. After a brief moment of awkwardness we followed the exemple, bathing in the warm water . Then we used to go there and stay naked every day of our very long holidays,  each summer of  1967, 1968, 1969. It was simly fantastic.

My 1st experience is in the FORUM area also, under the heading of Sleeping Naked.

My first nudist experience was with some people my wife met on line, about 15, maybe 16 years ago. It felt very liberating, because there was no judgment there, none of the idea that I had to look a certain way to fit in.

As my experience involves a few firsts and is rather long, thought it simpler to write a Blog - My Journey to Naturism
... it really was a journey!

I love reading your brief experiences here in this forum post and would be happy to read your story via a Blog, should you care to share one cool

I went to a nude resort by myself. I was nerevous but still did it. It was fun I stayed from 10am-6pm. I didn't get to talk with anyone. When by myself in the pool I did get an accidental erection that thankfully no one saw. I went back a second time and got a good sunburn and did get to talk to some people. Another time I was at a backyard resort and had the place to myself.

About 30 years ago I wanted a place to relax and de-stress. I had heard of a somewhat nearby nudist resort and read up on the benefits of nudism. I decided to go alone the first time and oddly enough was concerned about being aroused when I got there ! It all turned out well as I spend the afternoon exploring trails and playing cribbage in the nude without any complications. I am at my most content now whenever I am nude.

During my early teen years I discovered I liked to me naked and started sleeping nude on occasion, but had my shorts ready just in case, but never actually needed them by then.  Whenever I was home alone I would get naked and when I knew no one would be home for awhile I would sunbathe nude for a little bit.


My daring experience was going downstairs to get a drink of water while the rest of the house slept.  I must have done this dozens of times, but was never discovered. 


My first nudist experience outside of my home was at a small beach near where I went to the university.  There were a few people on the beach.  I stayed for a few hours two consecutive days.  The first day was sunny and the second was overcast.