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Ok it's cold here in the UK now - there are 2 spas I know fairly nearby but neither has the best reputation  (although I been to both and had no trouble). Traditionally beaches are the nudists haven, so my post is to ask what do you people do in winter? 

In winter due to ill health I am stuck indoors because I cant afford to get ill as it could kill me thank goodness for central heating .

What winter activities have been keeping you busy? Any one enjoying some nude activities? No new posts on here in a quite awhile. Hope I am not the only one here.

Does shovelling show count as keeping busy?


Hello everyone! I am naked at home. Although I feel cold, I still feel free. Merry Christmas cool

I am sorry to hear you are cold, but still nice you can be nude while at home. Is home the only place you can be naked? Are there any beaches or lakes near by you can go nude swimming?

Yeah, Rusty. My home is the only place I can be naked. 

Absolutely hate winter but a roaring fire provides a good warm up to a nudist ! I’d love to have a free standing sauna I could run to. This below Zero weather is for the penguins !

Nude resort in Winter (off season)

I am a single male nudist and I have been to a nude resort that is 45 mins from me during the summer. I have been there 7 times during the warm months and some days there were more fun than others. Last year (2017) I had a break from work that lasted from december 27th to january 3rd. I work night shift and besides my summer day trips to the nude resort I do not have much of a social life outside of work. I figured that i had to do something fun with all of those days off. I went to the nude resort website and saw that they were doing a New Years eve party. I thought about going then I thought of all the reasons why I should not go such as no one will talk to me, everyone will be drinking and i don’t drink, I also don’t dance, it is their off season, no one will be there,I will get bored, there will be nothing but couples there and am I single so it will be weird. I then thought of all the reasons why I should go, there is nothing fun happening for new years this year, I will be home by myself if I don’t go, doing something is better than nothing,

I then decided that i should go. I drove there on new years eve wondering if i made the right choice by going. I got there at like 8 or 9pm. The resort has an indoor area with a heated pool. It was weird being there at night. It was also really cold outside so it felt good to be nude in the indoor hot tub and pool. At first i was the only one in the hot tub. Then a couple that looked to be my age showed up. I started a conversation with them and they were really cool. More and more people started to show up. We ate, swim in the pool, play pool volleyball, chilled in the hot tub, and counted down to new years. I got to talk to alot of different people and ended up having a really fun time. I stayed till 2 am. I left there feeling really glad that i came and knowing that i just had the best new year’s ever. I feel like nude resorts are fun due to the people and the atmosphere they create. This place had a fun and friendly atmosphere.



What a great story. I am so glad you shared it here. It sounds like such a good time you had.