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Hi everyone! 

How are you today, my friends? 

When I'm online, I don't see anyone online. I miss you so much, my friends frown

It's nice to hear from some one. Was beginning to feel like I was only one here.

I think there are lots of people here, but "summer" is the slow season in the northern hemisphere.   Also, with the "new" site, everyone needs to get  their feet a little wet.  It will take a little time to reach the critical mass required to fuel higher activity.  New people need to post.  No need to be shy here.  We have nothing to hide under.


well, apparently this site is dying. Can we please have back the  old site?



We reactivate 

You're old account it is still there

Hello everybody.  I'm new here and would like to make friends with other people who enjoy nudist life like me.

Hi there @Leo2001 Welcome to Skinbook! We are so glad to have you here and have you on board! I will be more than happy, I would be excited to be your friend, nothing better than meeting new people right!? You can message me if you want to talk or anything, I am always here and I always reply back ^_^  

-Skinbook Volunteer Moderator - Matt

Zasadniczo to zawsze kiedy jestem tu online , to zawsze jestem tu sam . haa haa .

Awwww. Well not for long though. I will be your friend. :) You can always message me. ^_^ And be a Loner no more Lol.