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This site

I am sorry to see this site has so little traffic. I was hoping to 'meet' some on-line friends, and hear of their experiences. Hopefully, the traffic will pick up soon.

I think it's about reaching a critical mass.  The Skinbook of old had quite a few members.  It's absence over the last several years has caused many of it's former members to forget all about it and move on.  Nobody wants to join a community that has no members, or doesn't have their friends also joined up.

I guess the question is how do we attract more people to visit the site?  And when they do visit the site, how can we encourage them to sigh up, and to return and contribute?


I'm really worried about this

We are a very small community, maybe it's a good thing


Może gdyby była tu opcja komunikatora , możliwość bezpośredniego kontaktu zawsze podnosi atrakcyjność portalu .

Hi @anonymous :) 

@A loner - There is a messenger option on here already. It should be on the action box part of the person profile on the left side, It will say Write them a message or sometimes it will say chat. That's weird I don't see it there anymore though. I will let the admin (Skin Admin - owner of the website) know that it is not showing up. Hopefully it will be able to be fixed :) I will let you know what he says regarding the messenger option. ^_^ 

Matt - Skinbook Volunteer Moderator.